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         SB Interlab Co.,Ltd.  is one of the manufactorers in Thailand. With 30 years experiences in hair care and skin care products with high quality and customer satisfaction, We are an expertised manufacturer in hair and skin care products. We have been trying hard to launch new products by our customer's request and new trends. The initial products were given the name "CAREBEAU" These simple trade names are developed into the well-known brand name in Thai and international trade. The objective of the company is to offer the user a quality product range for exclusive and spa use. Success is the first to be achieved by extremely high quality products and secondly, working hard to establish and cultivate a trusting relationship.



         Factory Building 1 Area 1,600 SQUARE METERS. In 2010-2013 we gained success in business as our target grow to 30% continuously. We plan to extend the capacity in the futureand set up with more departments for import. Import cosmetics products for Asean Economics Community (AEC)



                                                           2. Factory Building 1 Area 2,800 SQUARE METERS. 2014 Warehouse has been constructed 100% completely. Having a capacity of 2000 palate with barcode and RFID system.


       Head Office and Factory

SB INTERLAB CO.,LTD                                                                                             
Adress : 9/5 moo 6 Buengthonglang Lumlookka  Pathumtanee 12150                                  TEL. 02-1507790, 02-1528825 FAX. 02-5692296-7 Press


The company has been developing the production technology and management system continuously to sharpen its competitive edge to serve the demands of customers both in domestic and foreign markets.  


       Our company is a manufacturer and distributor under the brand.