Exclusive Distributor

We are leader of Skincare & Hair Manufacturer in Thailand

                    Over 30 years of experience as a beauty care product manufacturer, we are known as one of the leader in this industry so far. At this time, we have hundreds of products under well-known brands such as CAREBEAU, BEAUTY NATURE, DEYA, FANTASY, KIMJOO, and SKINLOVE. Our products have been selling over 12 countries by distributors and resellers around the world. We aim to be the best quality cosmetic brand in Thailand with comprehensive products in the business by using high technology production in order to reach the highest customer satisfaction possible. At this time, we are now moving forward to next step which is “Worldwide Market”.

We are looking for an exclusive distributor!!

                  It's a great time to share with you that our company is looking for an exclusive distributor in each country. Only one selected distributor will be entitled to sell all our premium products through any channel in your country. This offer will be valid until we found a qualified distributor in that country. Now it's your opportunity!



- One Distributor, One Country

- Special Price (Export Price)

- Marketing Support (eg Exhibition Fee)

- Rebate Bonus (Target Reached)


- Company must be legal

- Company must be located in your country

- Having sufficient sale team

- Having a domestic warehouse

- Be able to distribute our products through domestic channels

- Setup promotion/marketing plans


- Present and distribute our products to all over your market

- Set up reasonable price for your market.

- Promote to be well-known, built good product image

- Having progress sell target yearly



"For more information, please do not hesitate to email us at
: export@carebeau-enjoy.com